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Zachary Colmenero was born in Stillwater Oklahoma in 2009. This Hispanic/Irish actor's take note is to delve into the script and bring his old soul with young spirit to screen. Directors have often been refreshed by his authentic commitment to character and physical comedy comparing him to some the classic actors. His grounded approach to dramatic scenes is captivating to the viewer. Zachary's grit is recognized in his storytelling whether that is in acting, hosting, writing, filmmaking, editing or narrating.

Zachary's passion for the film industry comes from his love of fictional and non-fictional books. His typewriter has seen the stories of presidents and classical composers to spooky and humor work. He started GWFilms in 2015.

This out of the box creative thinker has no problem rolling up his selves however he may toss in a few magic tricks, hula hooping or a car roll-out. Zachary is constantly training and honing his craft, not only in front of the camera but he keeps up with his stamina, and physical capacity with triathlons. Zachary trains mentally with his violin ranging from Beatles to the Military Medley.

His southern hospitality and wit is carried with him on his travels. He is not shy throwing a few dance moves and a Texas or British accent. Zachary Colmenero is best known in his own series Say What? and Undercover Superhero. In 2020, he played the role of Alex in KiDs Beach Club.

One of Zachary's greatest accomplishments thus far is the Stars Above Foundation a childhood cancer non-profit he started when he was seven after his friend was in remission. Zachary is an advocate for Childhood Cancer Awareness, Research and the during treatment quarantine.

Give this kid avocados and he will make the best guacamole!

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